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Eine Mitarbeiterin von pepper übergibt einen einem Mitarbeiter seinen Mitarbeiterausweis für eine erfolgreiche Karriere bei pepper.

pepper your career

We are the world’s first digital OEM and recognized internationally for our innovative electrification solutions for commercial vehicles.

pepper stands for sustainability. You too can be part of a team that contributes to improving climate protection through technology and innovation every single day.

We are the world’s first digital OEM and recognized internationally for our innovative electrification solutions for commercial vehicles.

pepper stands for sustainability. You too can be part of a team that contributes to improving climate protection through technology and innovation every single day.

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We offer interesting, varied, and challenging roles in development, production, system integration, sales, administration, and project management. We are therefore looking for specialists, young professionals, and students to join us in making the mobility of the future greener.

But most important of all, you need to click with us. Are you a team player, outgoing, and do you approach challenges positively? If so, then you’re the person we’re looking for and we look forward to receiving your application.

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Flexible working hours
No core working time
Mobile working
Electric pool vehicles
Free coffee, fruit,
cookies, candy
Flat hierarchies
pension allowance
Team events 
Vacation pay and
Christmas bonus
IT infrastructure

People at pepper

What do you do when you’re not at pepper? I like to go to the mountains with my girlfriend. But sports, especially triathlon, also take up a lot of my time. And I like to fix things! Everything that has at least one screw and doesn’t work properly anymore gets disassembled first. 🙂

What makes your daily work so special? My field of activity is very diverse, it is rarely monotonous. Creative solutions are often required. The daily work with our vehicles is always exciting. Especially with the idea that we are making a contribution to decarbonization.

What three terms come to your mind when thinking of pepper? Green, innovative, and multicultural.

Jörg Bath, master pattern making

What are you looking forward to when you go to work in the morning? My colleagues and the certainty that I’m working for something good again today.

What three terms come to mind when you think of pepper? Sustainability, humanity and appreciation.

What makes pepper so special? Everyone can get involved here, help shape structures, exchange ideas at an equal level and be responsible for exciting tasks. In no other company have I been able to contribute as much as I do here.

Miriam Petz, graphic designer/media designer

What do you do when you’re not at pepper? I mainly take care of my part-time studies on the side. In my free time, I’m very active: I do sports in the morning, I like to go hiking, and when it’s time to get nerdy, I play tabletop games like Warhammer 40k and pen & paper role-playing games.

What team event do you remember most fondly? In the run-up to the annual leadership workshop, I went hiking in the mountains with all my team leaders for the second time in a row, including a photo of the summit and a stop at an alpine pasture.

What makes pepper so special? The special thing is an incredibly open, honest, and at the same time respectful way of dealing with each other. Everyone can contribute and help build the organization. I find this setting very special.

Rüdiger Nebendahl, segment manager development

What do you do when you’re not at pepper? Cooking, flying drones, building model kits, playing with Lego, just because of the kids, of course!

What makes your daily work so special? For the first time, I work in a company that wants to hear unpleasant truths from the team and works on improvements transparently. In addition, the hierarchies are so flat and the work so close to the product that technical decisions can be made extremely fast.

What are you looking forward to when you go to work in the morning? To my colleagues! The mix at our company is just right.

Christian Bülters, Team Leader Thermal Engineering

What makes your daily work so special? What makes the work at Pepper so varied is that we develop and test live on the vehicle, which means that new challenges await you with every vehicle. The special thing here is the help you get from your colleagues, whether it’s about software problems or whether the batteries, a control unit or the old vehicle doesn’t work as planned. It’s a lot of fun to develop the vehicle together, to build it, and then to see the electrified bus/truck driving at the end or to be able to drive it yourself.

What was your funniest experience at work? How do you mean “funny”, there is no laughing at our company! 😉

What makes pepper so special? The fact that the idea of what tomorrow’s mobility should look like is lived by all our colleagues. That we have a very flat hierarchy here at pepper and everyone is on first name terms. Communication within the team and between colleagues and team/project leaders is very relaxed here. What’s special is that our boss himself visits the workshop as often as he can, so you can talk to him in a relaxed way.

Roman Haberl, test and development engineer

What makes your daily work so special? It’s hard for me to describe, because somehow it’s not like “work”. Work always sounds like a burden. I can’t really claim to have turned my hobby into a job, but it’s still so much fun that it doesn’t feel like work to me. Both the collegial environment and the variety of topics, every day is somehow different. You can help shape things here and creativity is desired and encouraged. That makes me want to get involved every day! It’s anything but a typical job full of routine and working by the book.

What team event do you remember most fondly? I don’t have to think long: The first one. It took place within my first few weeks at the company. I didn’t know many of the team members personally yet, and yet I was fully integrated right away, warmly welcomed, included in discussions, and thus immediately became part of the team. As if I had always been a part. Even though the subsequent team events were all great, I will always remember this first team event.

What three terms come to mind when you think of pepper? Approachable, innovative, gamechanger

Thomas Conseil, head of after sales & service

What does diversity mean for us?

It’s pretty simple: With us, you can be who you are – genuine and relaxed. You can and should always remain true to yourself in your working environment at pepper – without worrying about having to defend your unique personality.

At pepper, we have a wide variety of people working for us, which we consider to be a real blessing! We wear hoodies and traditional blazers, we say “Moin” and “Servus”, we have lentil curry and Leberkäs buns… Each and every one of us has many different facets and that’s a good thing. Because we like stereo music and no stereo-typing!

No matter how you live, who you love, where you come from – we are curious and tolerant, respect each other, learn from each other, and have fun together. Because equal opportunities are a matter close to our hearts – race, age, skin color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability status, or national or social origin make no difference for us! What is important to us is that we actively contribute to climate protection and together make the world a better place.

Charta der Vielfalt

We are signatories to the “Charta der Vielfalt”, an initiative for the inclusion, appreciation and recognition of diversity in the world of work.

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Our locations


Alemannenstrasse 14
85095 Denkendorf


Parkring 30
85748 Garching / Munich


Technologiepark 31
33100 Paderborn


Industriestrasse 1
2100 Korneuburg


Mariahilfer Strasse 121b
1060 Vienna

Dr. Carmen Müller-Nuspl looks after recruiting at pepper

Dr. Carmen Müller-Nuspl

Senior Recruiter

You want to be a part of pepper?
Contact us!
+49 8466 – 9041233

We look forward to your enquiry!

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You want to be a part of pepper?
Contact us!
+49 8466 – 9041233

We look forward to your enquiry!

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Dr. Carmen Müller-Nuspl


What's the best way to apply?

You can send an application for any vacancy by e-mail to Please send us your complete application (cover letter, resume, certificates, and references) by e-mail. You can of course also apply via a job portal such as Stepstone if a position is advertised there.

What application documents should I submit?

We need a cover letter, your resume, and relevant certificates and references from you. Please prepare all documents as PDF documents. We cannot open Word documents for security reasons.

Can I submit a speculative application?

Please do! Send us your speculative application by e-mail to When we advertise a new position, we also scan our pool of speculative applications for suitable candidates. Please make sure your application lists your possible start date and desired salary. It will make it easier for us to process your application if you indicate the areas and types of work you are interested in.

How does the application process proceed?

You submit your application documents – for example by e-mail or via a job portal such as Stepstone. By the way, sending all documents (cover letter, resume, relevant certificates, and references) as PDF documents shortens the process. Please remember to indicate any period of notice and your desired salary.

We will carefully review your application documents, compare your profile with the job requirements, and consult with the specialist department.

If the first impression is positive, we will arrange an initial interview with you. As we usually conduct this over the phone, it is vital to include your current phone number in your application documents.

We will get to know each other better in an initial online interview (via Teams, about 30 min.). And of course, you are welcome to ask us questions, too. We then discuss our impressions from the initial interview with the specialist department and decide whether to invite you for a second interview.

Follow-up interviews take place – wherever possible – face-to-face on site in Denkendorf or Garching. You will then speak to the line manager and have the opportunity to clarify further details about the position and the general conditions.

If you suit us and we suit you, congratulations – the job’s yours! We will start the onboarding process by sending you a contract of employment, and you will receive an invitation to an introduction day at one of our locations. This is where you will be given your laptop and company phone, as well as lots of important information about starting at pepper. You will also have the chance to meet your new colleagues.

What is the interview process?

We will send you an e-mail invitation containing a link for the initial interview. This link will enable you to join a Microsoft Teams meeting with us using your web browser – very easily and without you having to install anything on your device. You can use your PC and webcam, laptop, tablet, or even your smartphone. And if things don’t work as expected, we’ll still make the call by phone.

We do not do pressure interviews! We want to get to know you as an equal and we attach great importance to a pleasant atmosphere for the interview. The aim of the interview is to assess your suitability for the job, and to find out more about your qualifications, professional experience, and career history. We are particularly interested in the ‘why’ behind each stage of your development. What drives you? What is your goal? We are of course also interested in your personality, motivation, communication skills, and the right team spirit. We will also give you an insight into pepper, our culture (by the way, we are all on first-name terms) as well as the associated conditions and benefits.

At the end of the interview, you will know more about pepper, you will be able to judge whether we are the right company for you, and we will have been able to get to know you better as a person.

Who are my contacts if I have any questions?

Our recruiting team on +49 8466 9041233 will be happy to assist you in the event of any questions or concerns regarding your application.

If you have any questions regarding a specific position, you will also find the details of the relevant contact in each of our job offers.

What happens with my personal data?

We manage your application materials digitally in a database with protected access. It goes without saying that we comply with the provisions of data protection legislation. We will only store and use your documents for the purpose of processing your application. Only authorized persons will have access to your data. Your application will of course always be handled in strict confidence.

We will retain your documents for 6 months after completion of the application process due to legal requirements. If you give your consent, we will store documents in our pool of applicants beyond this period so that we can contact you again if suitable positions for you become available.

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