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Denkendorf / Warsaw, 08/30/2021 – 27 days, 12 cities: 2,100 km travelling by pepper motion GmbH’s etrofit® bus on an electrifying roadshow trip through the Republic of Poland. Together with its sales partner Green Transport sp. z o.o., pepper is presenting its award-winning retrofitting solutions for the electrification of used city buses for public transport on a four-week roadshow from August 24 to September 19. An important stop-off during the tour is to attend the 3rd Congress of the Polish Local Transport Association IGKM (Izba Gospodarcza Komunikacji Miejskiej) in Toruń.

Economic efficiency, sustainability as well as resource-saving environmental and climate protection in compliance with the EU’s CO2 targets are also the key issues in politics and for Polish transport companies and fleet operators.

This is where pepper, the world’s first digital OEM, shines with its field-proven series-production quality. Existing buses (e.g., Mercedes Citaro), retrofitted according to the latest state of the art with innovative pepper drive technology and the in-house developed Vehicle Control Unit (VCU), meet the highest international standards of the automotive industry for functional safety in accordance with ISO 26262. The scalable battery system with 240 kWh standard net capacity can easily cover regular daily routes of over 200 km. A complete overhaul of the interior gives the bus the high-quality appearance of a new vehicle for zero-emission and low-noise transport in urban and regional settings.

Battery-electric drive systems are ideally suited for use in urban and local transport, factory operations or commuter traffic. The etrofit® electrification KITs for diesel vehicles, developed in accordance with OEM standards, offer series solutions for a rapid transition to electromobility. This extends the economically useful life of existing vehicles, giving them an environmentally friendly “second life” as an electric vehicle. Densely populated areas benefit from noise reduction, and, on the short distances in urban areas, battery-electric drive systems can take full advantage of their commercial benefits over traditional diesel vehicles with their very high fuel consumption and wear and tear.

“After many discussions and negotiations with our distribution partner, Green Transport, we have finally reached a milestone where things are becoming very exciting for pepper in the Polish market. Polish transport companies’ openness to technology coupled with new government funding programs for the procurement of electric buses in local public transport put our vehicles with the etrofit® electrification KITS and their unique technological features in pole position with high market potential in the entire Eastern European region,” describes Robert Reisenauer, Head of Sales and Marketing at pepper motion GmbH. “In particular, our partnering concept to generate a local value chain by converting used city buses with direct access to customers offers an economic advantage that no other competitor in the market can deliver,” concludes Robert Reisenauer, looking forward to the talks in the coming weeks.

The stopovers of the pepper Roadshow in detail:

Podznan (Aug. 24-25), Sieradz (Aug. 25-26), Sosnowiec (Aug. 26-27), Kraków (Aug. 27-30), Rzeszów (Aug. 30-31), Zamość (Sept. 1), Chelm (Sept. 2-3), Lublin (Sept. 3-7), Warszawa (Sept. 7-9), Torun (Sept. 9-10), Gdansk (Sept. 10.-14), Wroclaw (Sept. 14-18)

For more information about the roadshow, please contact our local partner:

Piotr Fengler, Managing Partner
Green Transport sp. z o.o.
Opolska 110
31-323 Kraków


About pepper motion GmbH:

pepper motion – electrifying transportation! The privately financed German company with its headquarters in Denkendorf and offices in Garching near Munich employs around 75 people. pepper motion is also present at additional sales and development locations in Austria, Italy, Poland and Bulgaria.

pepper motion is the first digital OEM worldwide (without its own storage and manufacturing facilities) to offer innovative solutions for the electrification (retrofitting) of used and new commercial vehicles such as trucks deployed in distribution transport, buses in local public transport (LPT) as well as municipal vehicles.

pepper motion is certified to ISO 9001 and as such is the only supplier of retrofit solutions to guarantee operational safety in accordance with international automotive industry standards such as functional safety ISO 26262. A network of international partners guarantees service and availability across Europe.

With its holistic approach to telematics, charging infrastructure, fleet management and autonomous driving, the company designs quickly implementable and cost-efficient solution packages for sustainable mobility transformation and a “second life” for existing commercial vehicles. They effectively support the implementation of the CO2 reduction targets in accordance with the European Green Deal Agreement and the Clean Vehicles Directive, which will come into force in 2021.

pepper motion was awarded the German Mobility Prize (2018) and the Austrian VCÖ Mobility Prize (2019), as well as being voted one of the top 50 start-ups in Europe in the field of mobility (2020, EUSP).
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