From diesel bus

to electric bus

Retrofitting for less emissions and more efficiency

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From diesel bus to electric bus

Repowering for less emissions and more efficiency

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Ein von pepper elektrifizierter Mercedes Benz Citaro C1

Emission-free passenger transport is not only a question of environmental protection but also of economic sense. In addition to cleaner air and less noise, an electric bus also ensures flexibility regarding fossil fuels.

The most sustainable way towards electromobility is undoubtedly repowering. Our etrofit kit gives buses with retired diesel engines a second life. We can either supply you with fully converted vehicles or repower your existing diesel vehicles for you.

Repowering – for a better future.

Why repower? Why pepper?

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Second Life

CO2 savings

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Cheaper than buying a new one

Lower operating and maintenance costs, lowest TCO

Term extension

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Fast delivery capability for selected models

Short development cycles

Fast implementation

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Standards (e.g. ISO 26262)

TÜV Certification

Criteria catalogue of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure

Project sequence

The process phases of the conversion

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1. Analysis

Analysis of the vehicles to be converted for technical characteristics, TÜV inspection reports, analysis of subsequent requirements such as route lengths, route profiles, round-trip times, charging points, etc.

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2. Planning

Detailed specification in terms of range, battery capacity, drivetrain, air-conditioning, and optional charging concept

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3. Conversion

Conversion and commissioning of the vehicle in a partner workshop including TÜV vehicle approval

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4. Operation

Support and advice during recommissioning with awareness training for workshop staff and planning of the necessary charging infrastructure

The pepper etrofit kit

Our conversion kit to electric drive includes the following components

Modell des pepper Busses mit transparentem Hintergrund

Modular battery system

pepper has developed a modular lithium-ion battery module based on NMC (nickel-manganese-cobalt). The individual module has a capacity of 60kWh, several of these modules can be connected in parallel to achieve the desired capacity. The battery modules are installed in the former engine compartment (additional capacity can be installed on the roof, if necessary).

Auxiliary units

All auxiliary components previously driven by the combustion engine (such as air conditioning, air compressor, pumps etc.) are removed and replaced by electrically powered components. An efficient control system, which takes over the interaction of these components, guarantees the most energy-efficient operation possible.


Diesel engine, gearbox and drive axle are removed and an electric drive axle is installed. For city buses, we use an electric low-floor portal axle by ZF (AVE130). This axle relies on the concept of the integrated close-to-the-wheel drive with two liquid-cooled asynchronous motors.

Charging infrastructure

The product portfolio of pepper includes chargers and charging stations with charging capacities of up to 150 kW. As standard you can obtain the following charging solutions from us:

  • mobile charging station 44 kW
  • stationary charging station 75 kW
  • quick charging station 150 kW

In addition to this offer pepper also offers the possibility to project and provide a charging infrastructure adapted to your needs.

Vehicle Control Unit

The vehicle control unit (VCU) is the heart of our vehicles, a system software architecture for controlling the entire vehicle reliably. An additional display is installed at the driver’s seat, which provides the driver with information on the vehicle status, charge status and any errors.

Heating and air conditioning

To ensure efficient operation a combination of ancillary components such as a heat pump and if needed a hybrid auxiliary heater are in use for heating and air-conditioning.

Telematics unit

All our vehicles are equipped with telematics units for optional services such as over-the-air updates, predictive maintenance, vehicle tracking, fleet management, etc., and – in the future – autonomous driving.


An additional display is installed for the driver, which provides information on the vehicle status, range, battery and charging status, and other important system messages. Feel free to give it a go right here!

Available vehicles

pepper offers repowering for the most common city bus models

Anthrazite Grafik des Mercedes-Benz Citaro C1 Busses

Citaro C1 045

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Anthrazite Grafik des Mercedes-Benz Citaro C1 Busses

Citaro C1 083

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Anthrazite Grafik des Mercedes-Benz Citaro C2 Busses

Citaro C2

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Anthrazite Grafik des Iveco Crossway Busses


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