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Retrofitting for less emissions and more efficiency

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From diesel bus to electric bus

Repowering for less emissions and more efficiency

Frontalansicht eines von pepper auf Elektromotor umgerüsteter Mercedes-Benz Actros MP3

The climate targets have been set and CO2 emissions must be drastically reduced. Freight transport has a significant role and has to adapt.

Electromobility is very promising to reach zero-emission in freight transport, also in the truck sector. The first thought usually goes to new vehicles, and this is where we come in.

The conversion solutions from pepper are not only more sustainable, but also considerably more economical than the purchase of a new vehicle. We offer ready converted trucks as well as the conversion of existing vehicles.

Switch from diesel to electric. Make yourself independent from fossil fuels. Take the more environmentally friendly and economically sensible route.

Why retrofit? Why pepper?

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Second Life

CO2 savings

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Cheaper than buying a new one

Lower operating and maintenance costs, lowest TCO

Term extension

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Fast delivery capability for selected models

Short development cycles

Fast implementation

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Standards (e.g. ISO 26262)

TÜV Certification

Criteria catalogue of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure

Project sequence

The process phases of the conversion

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1. Analysis

Analysis of the vehicles to be converted for technical characteristics, TÜV inspection reports, analysis of subsequent requirements such as route lengths, route profiles, round-trip times, charging points, etc.

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2. Planning

Detailed specification in terms of range, battery capacity, drivetrain, air-conditioning, and optional charging concept

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3. Conversion

Conversion and commissioning of the vehicle in a partner workshop including TÜV vehicle approval

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4. Operation

Support and advice during recommissioning with awareness training for workshop staff and planning of the necessary charging infrastructure

The pepper etrofit kit

Our conversion kit to electric drive includes the following components

Seitenansicht eines von pepper elektrifizierten Mercedes-Benz Actros MP3

Electric Drive Train

Depending on the vehicle, different types of electric motors can be used, our portfolio of electric drive trains is growing steadily. The unit shown is the ZF CeTrax electric engine, an asynchronous motor, which is currently part of the pepper conversion kit for the Mercedes Benz Actros MP3 truck. It weighs approx. 285 kg and has a peak power of 300 kW and 4.500 Nm peak output torque.


The pepper modular drive system uses a lithium-ion battery based on NMC technology (Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt). It comes in units of 60 kWh each, two of which can be seen on display. Minimum configuration is 120 kWh, scalable up to 720 kWh, depending on the vehicle and operation purpose. To charge a 240 kWh battery from 8% to 80% takes approx. 70mins, using a 150 kW charger.

HMI (Human Machine Interface)

An additional display is installed for the driver, which provides information on the vehicle status, range, battery and charging status, and other important system messages.

Telematics Unit

Thanks to system-wide integration of the telematics unit used, a wide range of different data can be tracked. The current functions include vehicle tracking, online diagnosis, and the capture of live data about the vehicle state. Furthermore, over-the-air software updates will be available. Thanks to predictive analytical software from pepper’s technology partner TWAICE, the use of a digital battery twin increases the service life, efficiency, and sustainability of the batteries in use. Further useful value-added services for the digitalization of fleet management are already in development.

Vehicle Control Unit

The VCU is the core element of pepper’s modular drive system. It integrates and controls all system components on a logical as well as functional level. The software is developed in-house and complies with the automotive industry’s highest standard for functional safety (ISO 26262). The pepper VCU easily allows the modular drive system to fit in all sorts of vehicles from different manufacturers.

Battery Junction Box

The BJB is pepper’s own development and serves as a “high voltage fuse box”. It is connected to battery (and optional fuel cell) and is being controlled by the VCU. Furthermore, the BJB is constantly monitoring the battery insulation and is crucial in case of an emergency if the system needs to be quickly discharged.

“Retrofitting is a logical consequence for us, and not just for climate protection reasons. Low operating costs and reliability are at the forefront of the electrification of our fleet. In pepper, we have a professional partner whose solutions are proving outstanding in everyday use.” 

Herbert Temmel GmbH
Günther Bulla, Head of Transports & Sales

“Retrofitting is a logical consequence for us, and not just for climate protection reasons. Low operating costs and reliability are at the forefront of the electrification of our fleet. In pepper, we have a professional partner whose solutions are proving outstanding in everyday use.”

Herbert Temmel GmbH
Günther Bulla, Head of Transports & Sales

Available vehicles

pepper offers repowering for selected truck models

Grafik eines pepper Mercedes-Benz Actros MP 3

Actros MP3

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Grafik eines pepper Mercedes-Benz Actros MP5 mit Elektroantrieb

Actros MP5

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